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Use Retail Displays to Maximize Impulse Buys

Posted by Joslin Displays on 11/1/2022 to Articles
Use Retail Displays to Maximize Impulse Buys

The holiday season is upon us, and shoppers everywhere are buying gifts for their friends and family. While there are plenty of big-ticket items that you want your customers to purchase, smaller transactions are also important. Retailers everywhere know the importance of impulse buys, the purchases customers make because they happen to see an item, not because they came into the store looking for it. To maximize impulse purchases at your store, it is essential to have effective retail displays.

Let’s take a look at how your retail displays can encourage your customers to make impulse buys.

It’s all about placement.

The most important thing you can do is to put impulse buy items in front of your customers. Often impulse buy displays are next to the register and along the checkout line. Customers have to come across those displays as they make their planned purchases. Other displays at eye level with items that are interesting, fun, or useful will catch customers’ attention and encourage them to make additional purchases.

Keep the prices low.

If an item is inexpensive, a customer is more like to think “oh, why not,” and add it to their other purchases. Many stores keep their impulse buy displays limited to items that are less than $20. Sale items also do very well on impulse buy displays. If your clearance section is a little overloaded or difficult to keep organized, pulling some items and placing them on a separate display is an effective way to shift that merchandise.

Give your customers ideas.

Suggesting possible recipients for certain items encourages customers to pick up gifts they weren’t planning to buy, especially during the holiday season. Use signage to suggest that items make good stocking stuffers, are handy to have in your car, are great for outdoorsy people, or other similar ideas gets people thinking about who they could give gifts to and grab a few more items. Grouping items together to tell a story also nudges customers into making a few more purchases. For example, put hot cocoa mix next to novelty mugs and a selection of holiday movies to suggest a cozy night in.

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