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Three Tips For Updating Your Retail Fixtures

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 9/1/2021 to General
Three Tips For Updating Your Retail Fixtures

As a retail business owner, you probably know how important it is to keep up with your retail fixtures and designs. If you don’t stay ahead of the game, your shop can look outdated and unappealing to your target market. So, the best way to prevent your store from falling behind is with updates to your retail fixtures regarding the current trends. Of course, that doesn’t mean purchasing new hangers or shelving. It just means working with what you have and investing in new things to improve your layout. Trust us, Joslin’s Displays has been the Boston go-to. 

Freshen up with new paint

Sometimes, new paint color or accent piece can transform the look and feel of a store. If you’ve stuck with the same color scheme on your shelving or other display pieces since day one, it might be time to switch it up a bit. Of course, stay within your current brand to maintain a cohesive look. But overall, the new change might be just enough change to be different without a complete decorative overhaul!

Replace broken parts

There’s no need to buy a brand new retail fixture set when your current one is still mostly fine. Most fixtures can be repaired with only a few new parts! We offer a plethora of spare parts here at Joslin's Displays. You’ll be able to find the parts you need instead of spending excessive money on brand new shelving units! Thus, saving money and improving the look of your store.

Rearrange your layout

Instead of sticking with the same store layout that you’ve had forever, why not try arranging your items in a new and improved way? This is probably the easiest way to change the vibe of your shop! A new shape allows your display to look different. Plus, you already have the fixtures, so you won’t need to invest in new fixtures if you don’t want to!

Retail Fixtures at Joslin’s Displays

Joslin’s Displays can help you choose the right commercial retail fixtures to fit the aesthetic and style of your business. For more information about Joslin’s Displays, give us a call at 1.800.325.1030 or visit our website.