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The Benefits of PVC Slatwall for Your Retail Space

Posted by Joslin Displays on 3/1/2022 to Articles
The Benefits of PVC Slatwall for Your Retail Space
Don't settle for your retail walls to showcase your products–install PVC Slatwall! Joslin Displays offers a variety of PVC Slatwall options that will add hanging space on your walls without sacrificing the aesthetic of your space. Here are a few reasons why we love PVC Slatwall.


There are a few reasons why we love PVC for this type of Slatwall. The most important reason is its durability. PVC, which stands for Polyvinyl chloride) is highly versatile as a material. For example, it is fire resistant, adaptive to temperature changes and air moisture, and of course, it's waterproof! Need we say more?

Strength & Style

Not only is PVC durable, but it is strong (think Hulk strong). Our PVC Slatwall can hold up to 100 pounds, including items like lawnmowers, clothing racks, shelves, and more! As for style, let's just say you can have a Magnolia Farms aesthetic or a souped-up Car Garage vibe with PVC Slatwall. Joslin offers several colors like "Beachwood" and "Black". Add your style with hardware that matches in a variety of metals and finishes.


Easy to maintain and clean, PVC Slatwall looks fresh and clean at any angle. Our PVC Slatwall is colored to hide surface scratches, and it is resistant to chemicals and moisture for easy cleaning! Each panel fits together for a seamless look with a tongue and groove design. Because PVC weighs much less than MDF, the installation is quick and efficient. 


Of course, the most important reason to use PVC Slatwall is to save space while keeping a design that suits your store's displays. Most PVC Slatwall kits can be mounted horizontally or vertically, adding to your display options. Most retail spaces want to maintain a "brand-new" look while saving money, and PVC Slatwall gives your space both 

Get the look of PVC Slatwall 

Add the streamlined and chic look of PVC Slatwall to your retail space. Joslin's Displays has provided businesses with creative and new ways to display products for decades, with mannequins, clothing displays, shoe displays, and more! Upgrade your retail space with PVC Slatwall! 

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