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Retail Displays: Three Mistakes You're Making

Posted by Joslin Displays on 4/1/2022 to Articles
Retail Displays: Three Mistakes You're Making
Everyone shops with their eyes, and retail displays are the best way to market a product. Joslin Displays offers various display options to match and sell your merchandise. Whether you're just opening your business or celebrating your tenth anniversary, it's easy to forget displays. Here are a few mistakes many retail owners make, as well as some ideas to fix them! 

Dimensional Displays Retail displays are eye-catching for more than one reason, and height is undoubtedly one of them! 

One-dimensional displays are not something we recommend because they lack interest. Without depth and height, customers will walk right by and not take the time to explore the display. You can create dimensional displays in a few ways: 

  • Add risers or use unconventional pieces to prop up products 
  • Use tiered or rotating displays for height and customer engagement
  • Elevate your products with wall shelving
  • Customer Interaction 

 Of course, we all know that the customer is always the focus. However, don't forget to engage your customer with an interactive display. This can include adding customer service to a stand for customers to talk to. 

Make displays and tables look engaging and provide supportive and enthusiastic customer service for an interactive shopping experience for your customers. Engage your customers with various sample stands, including:

  • Fragrance & Beauty samples
  • Food & Wine samples Grocery
  • "Gravity Bins" for various food items, e.g., cereal and coffee
  • "Less is More" 

We've heard this statement before, and while we still want to pack our displays full of merchandise, cluttering is not an option. 

While displays should be stocked, too many displays placed too close together can seem overwhelming to customers. Because of this, customers may choose to pass right by your shop. Those familiar with your store can easily navigate the clutter, but this may be too much for a new customer. 

Don't: Use too many props that aren't for sale on displays
Add too many different designs or styles to one display  
Do: Use props sparingly on displays
Center the focus on one display to a key slogan or design

Get Your Retail Displays from Joslin Displays!

With everything from styled hangers to poseable mannequins, you can find something that will spark customer interest! Create, interact, and sell using our display cases, mannequins, and more! Does your store need a retail refresh? Visit our store in person or call us for more information at 800-325-1030.