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Show Off Summer Styles with Great Shoe Displays

Posted by Joslin Displays on 6/1/2023 to Articles
Show Off Summer Styles with Great Shoe Displays

We’re well into the summer shopping season, and customers are ready to upgrade their footwear. People have summer plans full of vacations, weddings, trips to the beach, and all kinds of other things that require new shoes. When customers walk into your store in search of footwear, your presentation, as well as your inventory, will convince them to make a purchase. You really can’t underestimate the power of well-crafted shoe displays.

Here are some tips for setting up great shoe displays in your store.

Make them eye-catching and well-lit.

This advice applies to all retail displays, but you can really have fun with items that are easy to arrange, like shoes. If you sell the same model in multiple colors, line them up or arrange them next to each other so customers can see the available choices. Keeping the area well-lit draws the eye and encourages customers to linger around the display.


Organization and accessibility are key.

When it comes to apparel, especially shoes, having all the available colors and sizes well-organized and easily accessible is key. Often there isn’t space to have every available option on the display, so use signage to let customers know other colors and sizes are available and ensure that employees are on hand to assist them. Shoes also conveniently come in boxes, so it’s easy to stack or shelve them in a nearby area so all the options are accessible.

Include mirrors and suggest other products.

Customers want to get a look at how the shoes will look, so placing mirrors near the displays will improve their shopping experience. It’s awkward and inconvenient to wander around the store in search of a mirror. However, your customers want to know not only how the shoes look on their own but also with other clothes. You’re not just selling a product, you’re selling an experience. Place other displays nearby with clothes, accessories, and other products that go well with what you have in your shoe displays.

Get everything you need to build shoe displays from Joslin Displays!

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