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Grab Their Attention with Your Store Displays

Posted by Joslin Displays on 4/1/2023 to Articles
Grab Their Attention with Your Store Displays

Setting up an eye-catching and effective store display can make all the difference in attracting potential customers and increasing sales. The way you present your products can greatly influence how customers perceive your brand, so it's important to put some thought and effort into your store displays.

Here are some effective ways to set up store displays.

Create a focal point

Choose a centerpiece or hero product to build your display around. This could be a new product, a best-seller, or an item that's seasonally relevant. Use props, signage, and lighting to draw attention to the focal point and make it stand out.

Tell a story

Use your display to tell a story about your brand or products. This could be a narrative that highlights the benefits of your products, or a visual story that showcases how your products can be used in different contexts. Make sure the story is clear and engaging, and use props and signage to reinforce the message.

Use color and lighting

Color and lighting are powerful tools for setting the mood and drawing attention to your display. Use complementary colors that enhance your products, and use lighting to highlight key features or create a mood. For example, warm lighting can create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, while cool lighting can make products look fresh and modern.

Keep it clean and organized

A cluttered or disorganized display can be off-putting to customers. Ensure your products are arranged neatly and logically and remove any unnecessary clutter or distractions. Use shelves, risers, and other display fixtures to create visual interest and make it easy for customers to browse.

Consider the customer experience

Think about how customers will interact with your display. Make sure products are accessible and easy to pick up and examine. Provide mirrors, seating, or other amenities that can enhance the customer experience and encourage them to spend more time in your store.

Build Store Displays with Joslin Displays

The best way to attract customers is to build displays that are unique to your store. Give your customers a shopping experience that they can’t get anywhere else. For everything you need to build great store displays, check out Joslin Displays’ online catalog.

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