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What Type Of Commerical Clothes Hangers Do You Need?

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 7/1/2021 to Articles
What Type Of Commerical Clothes Hangers Do You Need?

There are hundreds of styles of hangers that you can choose from for your business. But what type of hanger is the right one? The various types of commercial clothes hangers use different materials and construction methods to care for your clothing. The last thing you want are wrinkles, stretching, or tears in your merchandise. So, here are some tips and tricks right from the experts at Joslin’s Displays

Wooden Hangers

Of all hanger types, wooden is the most durable. Due to the nature of wood, they do not sag or bend with heavy clothing. That’s a good thing! If you don’t have to worry about snappy or unstable hangers, you’ll be saving a lot of money in the long run. Plus, wooden hangers have a distinct, stylish look. These are best for stores that want a specific aesthetic look or have heavy clothing items that need to maintain their shape.

Metal Hangers

The next best hanger in terms of durability is metal hangers! Thick, metal hangers are reliable as they won’t warp or twist with a heavy load. But stay away from thin wire hangers if you can. Plus, they are a simple addition to any store due to their minimalistic design. 

Plastic Hangers

If affordability is your goal, plastic hangers are the right choice. They are the easiest hanger to find your desired shape at the cost you’re looking for. Plus, there are options for different hanger shapes such as infant to adult sizes if you have many clothing styles. But there are a few downsides. Plastic hangers can quickly lose their shape or snap with lots of strain.

Velvet Hangers

If you’re selling delicate clothing pieces, velvet hangers are the way to go. Velvet hangers are gentle and do not easily damage clothing due to their natural anti-stip nature! Furthermore, many types of velvet hangers can be purchased with clips to hang skirts. Just be careful; if they get wet, the color can transfer to anything touching the hanger!

Joslin’s Displays for Commercial Clothes Hangers

Joslin’s Displays can help you choose the right commercial clothes hangers to fit the aesthetic of your business. For more information about Joslin’s Displays, give us a call at 1.800.325.1030 or visit our website.