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Attract the Largest Shopping Demographic with Female Mannequins

Posted by Administrator on 8/22/2014
It’s often been thought of as stereotypical to say that women shop more than men but the sobering fact is, they do. While many people in society might like to shy away from this topic in fear of being labeled as sexist or misogynistic, Bridget Brennan, a Forbes magazine contributor and author of the book, “Why She Buys,” jumps head first into the arena. She shines a spotlight on something that every retailer and fashion designer knows for a fact; that women simply shop more than men. This is why using female mannequins in your retail store is so incredibly important in order to attract the largest shopping demographic.

5 Ways Retail Store Fixtures Increase Sales

Posted by Administrator on 8/8/2014
At Joslin Displays, we know how important it is for retailers to use store fixtures to sell their merchandise. After all, we’ve been selling retail store fixtures for over a century now so have seen fashion styles and consumer behaviors change a number of times. And, while the times change, the fact remains that attractively displaying merchandise in a clean and cohesive manner will always lead to more sales.
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