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Save Money With Adjustable Brackets

Posted by on 4/27/2016
Clothing changes every season in New England, and fashion fads fade in and out of our wardrobes. Retail stores have a variety of clothing racks to ensure they’re able to accommodate the clothes they receive, and are able to adapt to the changes in weather and new trends that emerge. 

Posable Mannequins

Posted by on 4/20/2016
For many years the typical mannequin was forced to be in a standard pose with no other options other than to buy a different mannequin for your needs. The lack of flexibility with the mannequins crippled what stores were able to do with their window and in store displays. 

Plexiglas Displays for Collections

Posted by on 4/13/2016
Plexiglass is a transparent thermoplastic which is used in sheet form as a lightweight alternative to glass. The material in plexiglass that sets these displays from other materials is known as poly (methyl methacrylate) or acrylic glass. 

Garage Solutions Start with a Handiwall®

Posted by on 4/6/2016

Spring cleaning is already well underway for most homeowners, and we often first start in our houses before we move into some of more uncharted territories, like our garage. What often becomes a sinkhole of our old tools and sports equipment can be a daunting task on its own. 

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