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Female Mannequins as Visual Stimuli

Posted by Kevin on 2/26/2014 to General
When it comes to women’s fashion, nothing more clearly communicates to a female shopper how merchandise will look on them than with the use of a female mannequin. Women are more sophisticated than men when it comes to shopping because they are usually more aware of what the trendiest new styles in fashion happen to be. It’s also been proven that women have better peripheral vision than men so utilizing a female mannequin in your retail store is an effective way to grab a female shopper’s attention.

Slatwall Panels and Gridwall Panels: Essential Retail Store Fixtures

Posted by Kevin on 2/7/2014 to Articles

As any retail store owner will tell you, effective store fixtures are an essential part of their business. Retail store fixtures allow you to more attractively display your merchandise while, at the same time, work to optimize the space of your showroom floor. Two of the most essential retail store fixtures are the gridwall and the slatwall. Each are easily used to display your merchandise in ways that will keep shoppers shopping and buyers buying.

All the Retail Store Fixtures You Could Want

Posted by Kevin on 2/2/2014 to Articles

For over a century now, Joslin Displays has been in the retail store fixtures industry, so we know just how effective the proper use of store fixtures can be to your business. The layout of your store’s shopping area should be a welcoming environment that allows shoppers to easily peruse your merchandise without intrusive store displays or unattractive merchandise. And, at Joslin Displays, we have a huge amount of retail store fixtures that you can easily use to attractively display your merchandise in a way that will keep shoppers shopping and coming back again and again to do so. 

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