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Which Mannequins Work Best for a Business?

Posted by on 1/26/2017 to General

While the clothes, accessories, or footwear become the most important parts of your display, every detail matters. If you choose to put mannequins in your display, finding the right one is key. The following are some tips to keep in mind if you need statues to liven up your display. 

Tips to Make Shoe Displays Last

Posted by on 1/19/2017 to General

It is important to make sure that each display has the ability to withstand plenty of traffic and other effects. This is especially true for shoe displays, since they are so often burdened with heavier product. Observe how you can make these types of displays last well enough and stand the test of time! 

Finding Display Ideas

Posted by on 1/16/2017 to General
Do you ever struggle figuring out what outfits to put on your mannequins or how else to jazz up your displays? The following are some go-to places or ideas to seek if you find yourself low on items or inspiration

Finding the Right Display Colors

Posted by on 1/10/2017 to General

Finding the right color for your displays - whether they are shoe displays or showcase the hottest clothing items - is key. The following are some tips to make sure the color(s) you choose for your displays work well enough. 

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