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Home Solutions for Your Small Apartment

Posted by on 1/27/2016
Moving into your own apartment is fun and exciting, but it can be a harsh reality when your closet space is already full when you have only unpacked half of your bags. You love the space you get to call your own, and you might not be ready to afford a place with more storage and room to grow.

History of Mannequins

Posted by on 1/20/2016
The idea of window shopping was the spearhead for getting the mannequins we know of today. While the idea of displaying the clothing for those that want to shop is not necessarily a new concept, but the use of the mannequin is definitely something that is distinctive to the past century.

Gridwall Uses

Posted by on 1/13/2016
The main purpose of using gridwall is to maximize space. It is a simple fixture solution for a store with countless uses. It is made of metallic grids and is usually installed on a wall. Accessories are placed on the grid to allow store owners to display their products. 

Elements of a Functional Mannequin

Posted by on 1/6/2016
Any store owner, manager, or sales associate that has been asked to help dress mannequins knows how difficult it can be to get the job done. Sometimes, we don’t know how important functionality is until we’re trying to fit a dress over the body of a female mannequin that is not pose-able. 
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