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Get In On a Billion Dollar a Year Industry with High Quality Shoe Displays!

Posted by Administrator on 1/30/2015
When you consider the fact that, in the U.S., consumers spend roughly $20 billion a year on shoes, then you have to make sure to target that demographic with high quality shoe displays from Joslin Displays. There’s a huge market out there for shoes and you want to be well armed when it comes to moving your merchandise. People want to be able to easily see footwear displayed, comfortably try on pairs of shoes, and be able to use a mirror to see what they look like in a new pair of shoes.

Liven Up Your Showroom with Gridwall Displays Today!

Posted by Administrator on 1/29/2015
When it comes to selling merchandise, any seasoned retail store owner or showroom floor designer will tell you how important gridwall displays are. Usually made of metal, gridwall displays are generally used as the key structure for many showroom displays. Resembling a better looking chain link fence, gridwall displays are extremely versatile because of their ability to be used in a variety of creative and attractive ways.

Valentine’s Day is the Perfect Time to Use Female Mannequins!

Posted by Administrator on 1/16/2015
With Valentine’s Day coming up, retail store owners will want to make it a point to display all their feminine merchandise. Let’s face it, guys need all the help they can get when it comes to shopping for the special ladies in their lives. And the best way to display women’s attire and accessories is by using female mannequins. Cleverly using female mannequins, retail store owners can display a surprisingly high amount of products. Everything from clothes to jewelry to hats to scarves to watches to shoes and more can be attractively displayed on female mannequins.
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