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Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing a Store Display

Posted by on 11/29/2016 to General
Though what is inside is what really matters, a storefront can say a lot about your business without necessarily broadcasting everything. Unfortunately, it is no easy task to condense what makes your business so great and present it. The following are some mistakes to avoid to ensure each display - whether you have several shoe displays or prefer mannequins - counts.

Finding the Best Fashion Accessories for Mannequins

Posted by on 11/21/2016 to General

One of the best ways to show customers what you have available is putting your best items on mannequins and displaying them. Your statues should be outfitted with current and interesting clothing and accessories. The following are some tips to find the most popular and effective accessories for your displays

Footwear to Include in Shoe Displays

Posted by on 11/14/2016 to General
Shoes are a product that are basic but have plenty of different options, and including certain varieties for customers is key. Below, see which shoes should be part of shoe displays when applicable. As always, visit Joslin Displays for all of your unique display needs! 

Accessories to Bolster Mannequins in Display

Posted by on 11/7/2016 to General
Having your display looking great and ready to attract customers will surely bring business and success to your shopping space. It is important that all things are made well enough, but keeping them preserved and intact is equally meaningful.  Mannequins are a huge part of displays, since they offer plenty of customizable options and prominence. 

There are a few accessories you can use to secure these statues in place. Joslin Displays recommends the following! 

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