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Heavy Clothes Require Strong Displays

Posted by Administrator on 11/28/2014
The weather is officially cooling down. Now that most of New England has already experienced its first snow, it’s time to break out the heavy winter clothes. Retail stores need an effective way to advertise their products without having to worry about the condition of the structure. At Joslin Displays we have clothing racks for every article of clothing. From rolling racks to solid shelving, we can help present your clothes to the public.

Add Life to Your Display

Posted by Administrator on 11/26/2014
Every retail store has shelves and racks for their clothes. Folding clothes on a shelf hides the majority of the design and hanging clothes on a rack doesn’t show the depth of the clothes. This season, show off your gorgeous styles with a mannequin from Joslin Displays.

Display Your Clothes With Racks From Joslin Displays

Posted by Administrator on 11/25/2014
Clothing racks are essential for retail stores to show off their products. At Joslin Displays, we understand this need and we provide a vast array of options for every kind of store. From shelving units to mannequins, we have everything you need to show off your designs.

Adding a Human Element to your Shopping Experience

Posted by Administrator on 11/24/2014
It is safe to say that women spend more time in retail stores than men do when it comes to shopping. Men want to find what they need as quickly as possible and make their exit. Women, however, tend to browse and consider all of their options before making their purchase. For this reason, many retail stores have female mannequins modeling their outfits.

Strong Displays for a Bargain

Posted by Administrator on 11/21/2014
Store owners today know the importance of a strong display. This means two things: The items on the display must be organized in a neat, but effective way to strategically show off the items you want to sell, while not seeming too pushy. And the actual display itself must be strong enough to hold all of the items being sold. At Joslin Displays, we understand the need for these strong displays, so we carry a collection of gridwall and all of the accompanying accessories.
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