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The Importance of Mannequins for Your Business

Posted by on 10/13/2015
Mannequins often bear the brunt of a lousy joke, are imitated in jest by passersby, or even seen as friends to a desperate Will Smith in the movie I Am Legend. Here’s something you might not have known: Mannequins can actually make or break a retail business.

Why the Slatwall Will Always Be the Key to Retail Success!

Posted by on 10/12/2015
Using a slatwall to increase retail sales is simply a necessity in this business. There’s no more efficient, attractive, versatile and organized way to display merchandise than with the use of a slatwall. They can be adorned with a wide variety of different hooks, shelves and signs that all work together to create inviting spaces that attracts shoppers like no other retail store fixture. A slatwall can be used to display any type of merchandise in a number of different ways.

Stay at the Forefront of Fashion with Shoe Displays from Joslin Displays!

Posted by on 10/9/2015
In the retail store business, the shoe industry can be a foundation on which an entire store is built upon. For both fashion and function, people flock to stores to check out, try on and, hopefully, buy new shoes. And they want it to be a fun, easy experience. After all, who doesn’t get a boost of confidence in a brand new pair of shoes? So there’s a huge market out there for retail store owners to take advantage of, but they all have to attract the shoe-buying population with attractive shoe displays and accessories.

Why You Need Gridwall Displays Today!

Posted by on 10/7/2015
Anybody serious about the retail game will tell you just how important using a gridwall is to display merchandise. We know this sounds a bit comical, but a gridwall is sort of like a chain-link fence but not as sharp or intimidating. It’s basically a rack from which a variety of accessories can be hung. Clothing, shoes, signs, jewelry, hats, watches, and other accessories can easily be displayed on gridwalls. They’re extremely versatile retail store fixtures that are incredibly important to the success or failure of any retail store.

5 Ways to Increase Sales with Male Mannequins

Posted by on 10/5/2015
It’s a simple fact that men are less inclined to spend a great deal of time clothes shopping than women are. In fact, it’s been proven that women have better peripheral vision than men, so it’s not an outlandish idea to think that women have simply evolved to be more discerning when it comes to shopping for new clothes. So, exactly how do retail store owners plan on getting men to shop for and buy more clothing? With male mannequins of course!
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