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How Can I Make My Retail Store Look Better?

Posted by on 6/21/2019 to General
Struggling with your retail store displays? Here is a checklist of things to consider to help you out!

Is Your Store Window Appealing to Your Customer Base?

Posted by on 6/14/2019 to Articles
Considering the lifestyle you're selling and the customer experience you want to provide will help you design a more appealing retail display.

Shoe Displays for 2019

Posted by on 5/31/2019 to Articles

With the warmer weather finally here in New England, the spring and summer shoe trends are beginning.  With plenty of inspiration from the runways, one can sit on the park bench and admire the shoe displays trending around town.

Self-Image and Female Mannequins

Posted by on 4/19/2019 to Articles
Because we live in a society that is starting to push the acceptance of all, the mannequin industry has been forced to adapt to this thinking as well.  Shops such as Joslin’s Displays are now offering both female and male mannequins in plus sizes.

Creating a Unique Mannequin Display

Posted by on 3/8/2019 to Articles
When working on your retail display, every piece is essential.  Showcasing your best products, appearance is key. Every detail of the display needs to be unique and eye catching.  

Garment Racks: Wheels or No Wheels?

Posted by on 11/5/2018
Designing a store layout that’s conducive to your client’s shopping experience is essential for success. For example, do you know that grocery stores purposefully store the milk in the back of the store, forcing you to wander around, and inevitably buying more stuff? 

How To Design An Effective Window Display

Posted by on 10/25/2018

Your storefront is the first thing a potential customer sees, and first impressions matter. To attract attention, change your window display as often as possible. At Joslin displays, we offer a large variety of mannequins and retail fixtures to make your presentation stand out.

The Importance of Representation in Mannequins

Posted by on 10/18/2018
Stores can use mannequins, especially female mannequins, to show customers that they are seen and to show what the stores have to offer.

Designing Your Store Using Gondola Shelving

Posted by on 10/11/2018 to Articles
Gondola shelving is arguably one of the most widely used displays in retail today. This type of shelving is used to display numerous different products and allows you to create aisles. Joslin Displays has precisely what you need to design your store exactly how you want it.
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