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Why the Slatwall Will Always Be the Key to Retail Success!

Posted by on 10/12/2015

slatwall.jpgUsing a slatwall to increase retail sales is simply a necessity in this business. There’s no more efficient, attractive, versatile and organized way to display merchandise than with the use of a slatwall. They can be adorned with a wide variety of different hooks, shelves and signs that all work together to create inviting spaces that attracts shoppers like no other retail store fixture. A slatwall can be used to display any type of merchandise in a number of different ways.

Here at Joslin Displays, we have everything you need to increase sales with the use of multiple slatwalls. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors so can be suited to match any type of décor. With the summer season in full swing, creatively showing new bathing suits in an organized and professional manner can do wonders to turn your showroom into a high traffic area in no time. It’s all about “thinking outside of the box” when you approach a store display using a slatwall. Do you want it to be four-sided? Half folded? Laid straight up against the wall? Bordering other pieces of merchandise? Combined with accessories that go along with merchandise attractively? It is entirely up to you.

Let Your Creative Side Loose

With a bit of creativity and experience, a slatwall display can be altered in ways that surprise even us! (And we’ve been around for over a century!) Humans are simply visual creatures that respond to visual stimuli in very significant ways. The connections made between what a person sees and the brain’s pleasure centers light up like wild fire when they’re actively shopping. In this sense, it’s beneficial to provide your customers with a little “eye candy” on a regular basis.

Nobody knows your showroom better than you do and, as a prudent retail store owner, we’re sure you’ve done your homework when it comes to arranging it. At Joslin Displays, we believe that anyone’s creative side can be sparked in ways that boost their morale, create a strong work ethic and increase their desire to succeed. Our job is simply to provide them with the means to do so. This is why we’ve remained in business for so long – to provide you with the tools for success!

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