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Why You Need Mannequins from Joslin Displays

Posted by Administrator on 7/23/2014

Mannequins from Joslin DisplaysIt’s no wonder why mannequins have been used for hundreds of years to display articles of clothing. Simply put, they work. Mannequins provide any retail store owner with a number of benefits. They do more than just show clothing in a more realistic setting. Mannequins are able to communicate to customers, window shoppers and passersby a great deal about your store as a whole.

When used properly, a mannequin is a lot like good writing. Good writing paints a picture for the reader; it stimulates all five senses. Good writing puts the reader in a place, makes them see, smell, feel and hear what’s going on in a story. The same can be said of mannequins. They can excite all the senses as well. Mannequins are the blank canvases for which retail store owners let people know what their store is all about.

Communicating to All the Senses

As a visual stimulus, mannequins give customers a clearer idea of how certain articles of clothing will look on them or for someone they’re shopping for. They show people what clothes really look like; not how they look folded up or hanging on a garment rack. Mannequins can even be sprayed with cologne or perfume to make them even more attractive to shoppers. If your store happens to sell both clothing and fragrances, there’s no better way to let customers see and smell your products than by using mannequins.

An argument can even be made that mannequins, used in creative store displays with background music playing, can even be heard in a way that intrigues customers. And of course clothing on mannequins can be felt by customers. It’s because mannequins have the ability to excite all of our senses that they work on both conscious and subconscious levels; letting customers know that your store is one that takes pride in what it’s selling and respects its customers enough to accurately portray its goods.

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