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Why You Need Gridwall Displays Today!

Posted by on 10/7/2015

Gridwall from Joslin DisplaysAnybody serious about the retail game will tell you just how important using a gridwall is to display merchandise. We know this sounds a bit comical, but a gridwall is sort of like a chain-link fence but not as sharp or intimidating. It’s basically a rack from which a variety of accessories can be hung. Clothing, shoes, signs, jewelry, hats, watches, and other accessories can easily be displayed on gridwalls. They’re extremely versatile retail store fixtures that are incredibly important to the success or failure of any retail store.

Here at Joslin Displays, we’ve been providing high quality retail store fixtures for over a century now, so have become intimately familiar with how important they are when it comes to increasing sales. And, unlike our competitors, we have the widest selection of gridwall displays, accessories and other store fixtures available. Simply by clicking here, you can get a glimpse of just what we mean.

Our Vast Collection

You’ll see that we have gridwall displays and accessories that can help you beautify your showroom, optimize your showroom’s space and create attention-grabbing store displays that will entice new and current shoppers to keep shopping and, of course, keep buying. Gridwall displays are exceptionally versatile store fixtures that can be used in a wide variety of ways to display almost anything you want. You can use just one gridwall to highlight certain pieces of merchandise or combine them to display related pieces of merchandise in any way you see fit.

Combining gridwalls with accessories like bases, lights, shelves, hooks, rails, panels, connectors and a number of other pieces of hardware, a gridwall display easily lends itself to the creative side in all of us. Simply peruse our website to see just how beneficial gridwalls can be for your showroom. From creating an eye-catching “on sale” sign to displaying accessories like sunglasses or jewelry to simply showing off a highly sought-after pair of shoes, gridwall displays can do it all!

If you’re interested in high quality gridwall displays, contact us at: 1-800-325-1030