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Why Mannequins are Important for Your Store Display

Posted by on 8/12/2016 to General

There are naysayers out there who find mannequins unnecessary, strange, or not useful. However, they are a crucial piece of your display - and have plenty of benefits if you use them correctly! 

Below, see why they are so important for your storefront. For any display needs and supplies you have, you can always count on Joslin Displays! 

1.) They Show How Your Outfits Will Look On People 

This is their main purpose, after all. By displaying a fresh new outfit on a mannequin, you are projecting your product in a realistic manner. What makes the display even better is that it gives customers a semi-realistic view of how the outfit may look on them.

By displaying an outfit on a mannequin, customers will be able to see the full ensemble - which may give them a chance to see details they had not before, and really assess the product(s). 

2.) They Draw Attention 

Sure, if your products are excellent, a simple display table or rack will be noticed enough. However, they will not be all that captivating. You want to be sure customers are going to want to step inside your shop and see what is available.

A mannequin will be much more vivid and exciting for the customer. They will be prominent, and it is not easy for customers to miss them as they go about their day. That quick moment of attention can turn into a great sale opportunity! 

3.) They Are Great Placeholders 

Have you run out of room on your table or rack, but want to display certain items? Use a mannequin! They are able to display your items well, and can save you some space that otherwise would be used on tables and racks. 

This leaves room for your tables and racks to be their most efficient and tidy, which will improve the look of your display overall. 

4.) They Come in a Variety of Appearances 

The days of standard, emotionless display statues are gone. Thanks to evolving technology and precision, more lifelike options are available than ever before. This is a great way to reach out to your demographic.

You can show representation by including several mannequins that are different in gender, race, and overall appearance. It makes your store relatable, and can cater to demographics easily. 

5.) They Make Your Display Look More Professional

When you see a mannequin, it is easy to think of them as just placeholders. However, they can also project an image of professionalism. 

With the proper outfit and a well-organized display to compliment it, a mannequin can give your display the life and professionalism it needs to stand out. A mannequin is a clean, simple way to add a touch of class to a display. 

When you are getting a display together, do not forget about investing in a mannequin or two. It can really liven up your display, and has advantages that will take your storefront to the next level.

For any display needs or supplies, contact Joslin Displays. Give them a call at (800)-325-1030!