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When to Upgrade Your Shoe Display

Posted by on 2/27/2017 to General

Though it is a family of more consistent products than clothing, footwear has its proper seasonal wear and shifting trends as well. It is important that you keep the freshest, most exciting options available in your storefront. 

When working with shoe displays, knowing when to switch things up a bit will certainly help keep them look their best and attract customers. Below, observe situations that call for a bit of change in your footwear display. 

1.) Arrival of Seasonal Footwear 

Just like clothing, shoes have specific makes for the different seasons. You are not going to be wearing boots in summer (probably), so keeping displays seasonal is key to staying relevant and grabbing the attention of customers.

When shoes arrive that are seasonal and fit with the time of year, give them some proper spotlight on the display. People will be shopping for clothing, footwear, or accessories that work right then and there, so seasonal products are important to sales. 

2.) A Big Sale 

Everyone loves a great deal when they go shopping. Saving money is an awesome perk that really makes your shopping experience a good one. When it comes time for your footwear section to have a sale, be sure that is reflected in the display.

Change out shoes to display a mix of both high-selling, current models and marked down options. Shoppers will be thrilled to see a sale, and will likely spend some money once they see what great items are included in that sale. 

3.) New Trends 

Have you noticed that a particular brand or type of shoe has brought a lot of customers in, or been sold quite a bit? If so, they should most certainly make their way onto shoe displays. If there is a demand for a product, people will want to be able to see and purchase it. 

Every strong display is a mix of popular, trendy, and on sale items. Making trends front and center is sure to get the strongest reaction from passerby. 

4.) Arrival of New Brands 

Showcasing all of the products you have, and making the most of your display, is key to providing some variety for your customers. When a new brand arrives, open some boxes up and give them a spot in your display.

This is a good way to not only showcase your variety, but also capitalize on trends. It is a win-win situation when the new brand happens to fit into current trends or best sellers! 

5.) Items are Sold Out 

When sales are consistently coming, it can be hard to keep track of what to put on displays. It is a busy environment. However, making sure that all products displayed are available to customers is key, even when things are hectic. 

If an item is sold out (aside from the display pair, of course), it should not have a prominent spot on your display. Make sure customers are aware of their availability, and swap them out for something new. 

Keeping a shoe display up-to-date will drive sales of footwear and create some great business if done properly. Follow the tips above, and your shoe displays will always be fresh and ready for customers! 

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