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When Should Mannequins Follow Fashion Trends?

Posted by on 3/2/2018 to General

There’s no denying that clothing gets displayed and ordered by taste and what you want to stock in your store. Still, you cannot disregard the impact that fashion has on every aspect of the clothing scene. Trends may come and go, but they are always essential and significant influences. So, when should you follow fashion trends with the mannequins you display? 

If it compliments your inventory 

Going out of your way to make all of your displays work with the current fashion trends can be fine - if you have the materials. You shouldn’t follow patterns if they are not by what you usually offer the public. If you do, customers may get confused, and you won’t have a clear identity as a business. It’s always better to have a concrete, unique character and stick to it. Buyers appreciate companies that have personality.


If you’re excited about it

You should always push products that you believe in toward the public. If you can’t back up what you offer with passion, people will see right through it - no matter how beautiful your mannequins look. When you love a trend and stand by it, make it a focal point of all of your displays and show it off. Passion creates a more exciting sales experience and is a plus. 

If they’re seasonally-appropriate 

It’s a bit odd to put a mannequin in a bikini during February, isn’t it? It doesn’t make sense, even if it is trending in another corner of the world. People will be looking for clothing that they need for the season they’re experiencing, not something that is far off or that they never encounter, period. Still, if you like a trend and it’s seasonally-appropriate, feel free to go for it! 

If it fits your tone 

Projecting a consistent message is key to maintaining a business. If you notice something popular that seems to work well with your values, image, and other tonal components, feel free to add it to your inventory. It makes sense and adds something fresh to your ensembles. 

It can be challenging to know when to follow new fashion trends, especially if you want to establish yourself on the market. However, with these tips, you can ensure that your mannequins are trendy during the right times. For all of your mannequin needs, call Joslin Displays at (800)-325-1030 and see what we can do for you today!