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What to Update in Your Shoe Display

Posted by on 10/26/2016 to General

Keeping your display current and fresh will always attract customers. They want to see the hottest products, as well as what is in style. Frequently updating shoe displays will keep them looking their best and efficient. 

After all, if you own a footwear shop, you want the display to be successful enough to drive sales forward. Below, observe what you should always be keeping rotated in these displays. For any of your display needs, you can rely on Joslin Displays! 

1.) Accessories 

Though they seem a bit less important than the shoes themselves, accessories are very important for shoes. Some are made for upkeep, others work for more decorative purposes. Whatever their purpose is, accessories are good to have in case you need them.

Accessories can also be season-specific. When it comes time to get rid of certain shoe models, be sure to swap out the accessories that correspond with them. 

2.) Sale Items 

A good deal is always effective. Shoppers become even more enthralled with their shopping experience when plenty of excellent deals are present, so presenting enough of them to the public is great for business.

When your sale items are not selling well, swap it out for another deal. The more you experiment with sale items, the more potential business you could receive. 

3.) Shelving 

Though it has little to do with the products themselves, shelves are an important piece of the display. They contribute to the overall look and feel of the storefront, and arranging them in unique ways helps the display look its best and most expressive. 

Play around with shelving arrangements, and see how it looks. Find more shelving and display supplies so you are able to create the most eye-catching looks possible! 

4.) Seasonal Models 

Seasonal items serve limited purpose. Though they can be very quality and excellent overall, their time of use is very limited. Once the season ends, they are not nearly as functional or useful. 

Once the seasons change, update your shoe displays accordingly. This not only allows you to provide variety, but it also gives shoppers new items to take a look at and possibly buy. 

5.) Layout 

Keeping a static layout will not work very well for your display. If it looks completely similar at all times, it is not going to catch the attention of people who walk past. Keeping things fresh and exciting is sure to drive people to your storefront. 

Toy with different shoe types, accessories, and brands. Through experimentation, you can offer plenty of more options to the public - which will help with sales immensely. 

Updating your display frequently works well for every type of shop. It is important to stay unique, exciting, and cool. Attracting shoppers is key, and display is a big part of it. So, when it comes to shoe displays, rotate the items above to keep things current. 

For any of your display needs, from shelving to mannequins, give Joslin Displays a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!