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What to Include in a Seasonal Store Display

Posted by on 7/25/2016 to General

When you are putting on a display for your store, especially if it is seasonal, you need to know what to fill it with to make the most of it. Some items simply do not belong on your shoe displays or tables, and it is best to know what to avoid.

Below, observe what you should include in a seasonal display for your shop to make it look the best it can be during the season(s). 

  • Items that Are Seasonal

Clothing items that are hot for a specific time of year means these products do not have a very long shelf life. You want to be sure that any of your awesome, season-specific items are given the time of day when they will be noticed and appreciated.

Take a look at your inventory, and give your newest season appropriate items a chance to shine in your store display. 

  • A Variety of Items 

Displays are all about including the best of the best in from your inventory. A good variety of products is going to carry much more meaning than a simple outfit. 

If you have it, flaunt it: accessories can make your outfit look even better. Without a varied display, customers may believe your store is not nearly as exciting or full of items as it really is. 

  • Top Sellers 

If it isn’t broken, you should not have to worry about fixing it. Great items that the public have strong reception to will always do very well for sales. They have proven to be successful.

Moreover, these top-selling items are a testament to your quality. You will want to show off the best products you have, and more often than not, those are your top-sellers. 

  • Sale Items 

Everyone loves a good deal. Whether you are propping up shoe displays or a clothing table, a good sale is something people always look for when shopping. Deals keep customers coming back and shopping for more. 

If you have specialty sale items or deals, be sure to include them in some way in your display. People will be glad to see deals, and it could truly help more customers come to your shop. 

  • Seasonal Accessories 

Just like clothing, there are plenty of accessories that are best for one specific season. It is important to enhance your display with this seasonally appropriate gear. 

In addition to clothing, any accessories you have can easily become hot sellers for a season - and it is important to capitalize on their timeframe and get them in the open. 

  • Fun Decor 

Good, exciting decor can always brighten up a display. Including some fun art, decorations, and other items will make it stand out. Luckily, there are many seasonal decorations out there.

Props are a good way to make your seasonal display pop and really drive the excitement and best things about the season home! 

Putting a seasonal display together is all about including what is hot, showcasing a good variety, and other items that show your shop’s true potential. It also celebrates the best times of the year!

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