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What to Avoid Presenting in a Display

Posted by on 7/28/2016 to General

Making the most of your display is key. Without a proper display, you will not be able to display the best your store has to offer in a tasteful manner. Whether you prop up clothing or have plenty of shoe displays, keeping it looking good is key. 

Knowing what to avoid in a display is just as important as putting proper, excellent items in the display. Below, observe some things to avoid when getting a display together. 

  • Something Not in Season

Even if it is the coolest product your store owns, it does not make sense to display anything that is not in season. It is certainly important to make sure the items match the time of year.

Displaying a ski outfit during July will not drive customers in, and is not advisable. It is simply not the time for it. Fashion is very timely and focused on seasons, so be sure your displays reflect that. 

  • Too Many Accessories

Making sure your accessories see the light of day is very important. If you own more than clothing, displaying it is a great way to get your varied inventory noticed. You will be able to show your store’s variety and personality with accessories.

However, do not put too many on the table (unless you are an accessory-based store) - this can be overwhelming. It may seem a bit much to customers, and you want to be sure it is going to keep customers interested. 

  • Bland Variety 

If you have plenty of product, let that be known! This especially goes for shoe displays, since there are so many types of footwear available. 

Showcase the appropriate and awesome products you have, and include plenty of variety within. Showing your customers what you’ve got will make your store look varied and get them interested. 

  • Anything Offensive 

You have to keep in mind that there are families out there, young people, and elderly citizens who shop. Keep the display at a family-friendly level.

Make sure that any products you display are able to be seen by young folks, and are very appropriate. You do not want to come across as insensitive or affect your company’s reputation in a harmful way. 

Avoid these, and other, problems, and your display will look its best. It is a very key part to gaining the attention of customers and showing what your store is all about.

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