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What Should You Put in a Showcase?

Posted by on 9/25/2018

Designing a showcase for your retail space can sometimes be stressful. Do you try and cram as much merchandise in as possible? Or do you pick a few pieces? What about the theme? Here at Joslin Displays, we’re here to help you choose the best tools, ideas, and merchandise for the job.



Before you even decide on what to share, take a minute to take inventory of what you’re working with. It would be an inconvenience to choose to feature a full fall outfit, only to learn you don’t have any mannequins. The professionals here at Joslin Displays can help you decide the male or female mannequins, shoe racks, Lozier shelving, and Slatwall to build the showcase of your dreams.



Okay, so the general idea might be decided for you. For example, the season or holiday you’re working with is dictated by the time of year. But this doesn’t mean your chance to be creative is out the window. Fall displays can range from cozying by the fire to outdoor football games, to leaf-peeping excursions. Consider the market you’re trying to reach, and design something that would appeal to them. For example, a candle company and a store selling sporting equipment would have vastly different interpretations of a fall showcase.



Lastly, think of the merchandise you want to display. It can be tempting to try and squeeze in everything you have, but try not to. Choose a few select pieces to focus on. These can be new inventory you’re trying to push or year-round favorites. No matter what you choose, make sure the item you’re selling is the focal point of the display.


Broken down like that, it doesn’t seem so bad. Once you’re equipped with the tools for the job, everything else seems to fall into place. Whether you need hangers, gondola shelving, Slatwall hooks, and even table displays, Joslin Displays is the one-stop-shop. Stop in our location on Upton Drive in Wilmington to check out our inventory.