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What Does Your Clothing Rack Say About You?

Posted by on 7/27/2018

 How you display your merchandise says a lot about you and your organization. Believe it or not, it can even portray an image to your customers subtextually. For example, having only a few sizes of a product on display says that they are in high demand (or low supply). Either way, there isn’t that many, and that could encourage customers to purchase now, so they don’t miss out. No matter your goals, our extensive inventory of clothing racks can help your company send a valuable message.


Spiral racks are a good choice if you have a variety of clothing designs, but not a lot of space. These racks allow you to display all the merchandise in the same rack, but consumers can easily see that they aren’t all the same. These are good for temporary displays - like a merchandise table at an event. The product is hung at different heights so you can easily see what’s behind it.


Spinner racks are perfect for small merchandise, like sunglasses or hats. You can put different styles of the product out on display, and customers can easily turn each level to see all the items. Although you can spin the exhibition, we don’t recommend putting it in a corner or against a wall. It’s best at the end of an aisle or in the center of a pace, allowing many different customers to see the products from different angles. These types of displays come in full heights as well as smaller sizes, which are great for countertop displays.


Did you know that shelving isn’t just for walls? You can also purchase racks with shelving attached, making it easy to redesign spaces and move things around without having to take all the product off the shelves. These are great for temporary displays, or when you want to showcase something special.


No matter your needs, every retail environment can benefit from choosing a variety of clothing racks for different needs. At Joslin Displays, we have everything you need to design the most effective display, from the tallest shoe racks to the smallest countertop displays. Call us at 800-325-1030 to learn more about all we have to offer.