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What Does PVC Slatwall Say About Your Business?

Posted by on 6/15/2018 to Articles

Designing your store can be an overwhelming task. You have to decide the best way to configure your store - should it have aisles? You also need to determine how your product should be displayed - should it be on shelves? One option here is PVC Slatwall. Defined by horizontal grooves, this product is always designed to look neat and professional. You can add anything from hooks to shelving, meaning they are fully customizable and easy enough to adjust to any inventory.


PVC Slatwall from Joslin Displays comes in a variety of colors and sizes. When choosing a color, try to consider what message you want your space to convey. For a more relaxed feel, consider a toned down color like gray or tan. This material is easy to install and change, so you never have to feel committed to one design or configuration.


Once you choose the color, you need to decide how you want your products displayed. The neat and professional appearance of slatwall means you can virtually put it anywhere throughout the store. Here at Joslin Displays, we think it looks best along entire walls - making things look uniform without even having any merchandise on it.


So you’ve chosen the color, and have essentially wallpapered your retail space with it. But there is one thing missing - your products! The customization factor here is huge. From hooks to baskets and shelves, to nets, how you want to show off your products is up to you. Maybe one wall can have a row of hooks to display your vast inventory of hockey sticks, and next to it can be a bucket of pucks. Then once hockey season is over, you can replace the sticks with baseball bats. Or you can choose to take down all the hooks and put up shelves of t-shirts!


PVC slatwall provides an innovative way to display merchandise in a variety of ways. You, as a store owner, are no longer limited by rows and aisles, or by mannequins. We have a huge inventory of many different display products, so whichever you choose, Joslin Displays is sure to have a solution for you! Give us a call at 800-325-1030 today!