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Valentine’s Day is the Perfect Time to Use Female Mannequins!

Posted by Administrator on 1/16/2015

Female mannequins from Joslin DisplaysWith Valentine’s Day coming up, retail store owners will want to make it a point to display all their feminine merchandise. Let’s face it, guys need all the help they can get when it comes to shopping for the special ladies in their lives. And the best way to display women’s attire and accessories is by using female mannequins. Cleverly using female mannequins, retail store owners can display a surprisingly high amount of products. Everything from clothes to jewelry to hats to scarves to watches to shoes and more can be attractively displayed on female mannequins.

What’s so special about displaying merchandise using female mannequins is that they provide shoppers with a more realistic idea of how that merchandise will look on the human body. This is especially helpful for men shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts. When merchandise is displayed haphazardly throughout a showroom or folded up on shelves, it’s hard to get an idea of how well it will look on a real human body. This is where men everywhere praise the existence of female mannequins!

We’ve Got it All

And, at Joslin Displays, we’ve been in the business of providing retail store fixtures for over a century, so have seen dramatic fashion styles change while mannequins have remained a staple throughout the business. This is not to say that female mannequins haven’t evolved, however. Today there are a dizzying array of different styles of mannequins that reflect a number of different body shapes and sizes. This has made shopping an easier process for a broad spectrum of consumers.

We’ve always strived to remain on the frontlines of the retail store fixture industry which, as you may now, is an ever changing field that one must be vigilant in order to keep up with. Female mannequins are being designed to mirror body shapes and sizes that go beyond the traditional, super model style. Today there are plus-size mannequins, posable mannequins, African-American mannequins, realistic-mannequins, and more that cater to a larger majority of the population. And it just so happens that Joslin Displays has all the female mannequins you could need. So contact us today to enhance your showroom and help all the guys out there this Valentine’s Day!

If you’re interested in female mannequins, contact us at: 1-800-325-1030.