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Using Retail Store Fixtures to Keep Your Customers Shopping

Posted by Kevin on 3/11/2014 to Articles

At Joslin Displays, we know how important it is for a retail store owner to attractively display their merchandise using high quality retail store fixtures. This is why we offer anything and everything that a retail store owner could need to keep their customers shopping longer and returning to shop more often. Whether it’s with the use of our female mannequins, male mannequins, an effective shoe display, or the many gridwall and slatwall display sets we make available, displaying your merchandise attractively is tremendously important.

Using retail store fixtures effectively should optimize the space of your showroom floor, attract customers, and minimize clutter. One of the best ways to optimize the space of your showroom floor is by using slatwall or gridwall panels. Both allow you to keep your merchandise on the outside walls of your showroom while giving you enough customization to strategically change up how you display your merchandise. The last thing any retail store owner needs are intrusive store displays that slow down their shoppers’ momentum.

Welcoming Your Customers

When entering your store, customers should be welcomed by an incredibly eye-catching store display; something that attractively displays your merchandise while also allowing your customers to slow down a bit before shopping. Use a few of the many female mannequins we provide to accent some of the trendiest fashions of the day. This serves to keep customers shopping while also highlighting the fact that your store is one that stocks merchandise sought after by the most fashion savvy shoppers. Without this first impression, customers are more likely to walk right through your store without giving enough attention to your merchandise.

Countless studies have shown that most shoppers tend to look left, then right when entering a store. They then generally walk to the right to shop. Use our retail store fixtures to lead your customers to the right and to walk around the circumference of your showroom floor. Using attractively adorned male mannequins and female mannequins to punctuate the outskirts of your showroom floor will draw your customers slowly around the length of your showroom and keep them interested in your merchandise.

Leading your customers in a certain direction with retail store fixtures is a great way to impress upon them just how trendy your store is. It’s also important to have a store display placed in an area at the end of a shopper’s path. Creating shopping aisles that end with nothing will only serve to make your customers exit your store. However, having an attractive store display made up with male or female mannequins will give your customers something to walk towards. An eye-catching shoe display is also an effective visual stimulus for your customers to walk towards because a wide variety of shoes naturally attracts the attention of your average shopper.

If you’re interested in effective retail store fixtures, contact us at: 1-800-325-1030