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Using Mannequins for More Than Clothes

Posted by on 5/20/2016

Anyone who has spent a little bit of time shopping for female and male mannequins for their shop have learned that mannequins offer a creative way to display more than just clothes. Retail displays are works of art and marketing strategies all rolled into one imaginative space. Joslin Displays loves when our customers use our mannequins in unique ways, and one of our favorites is to showcase their accessories, such as jewelry.

It saves quite a bit of space. Whether you have a full size or torso display, mannequins take up a lot less room than some other display cases! You can layer jewelry on your mannequin as well, which means having more product on the floor and available for your customers.

Can help with sales by combining different products together. We have to help guide our customers at times, and one great way to do that is to suggest combinations of clothing or jewelry with our mannequins. They might not have thought to pair those two different necklaces together, but now they see it on your display, they want to buy both.

Easy to style. Your employees will have no problem interchanging your jewelry displays as the days or even hours roll by. Switch out pieces throughout the day as they are sold by barely lifting a finger. Forget having to fully dress the mannequin time and time again, just change the necklace for a totally different look.

Shows how the jewelry will sit. Sometimes it can be difficult to visualize how a long necklace will look, and we don’t always have the option to put the jewelry on ourselves. Mannequins give customers a glance at length and style without the chance of tangling your jewelry and might even sell itself on the display.

Choosing mannequins is a part of the creative process in the retail display world, and Joslin Displays would love to be apart of your adventure. We offer a number of styles and finishes, which means you can shop for your jewelry and your clothes with us. Check out our inventory online or call us today at (800) 325-1030.