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Types of Shoe Displays

Posted by on 10/4/2018 to Articles

When it comes to retail displays, the most critical part of designing a display is that your customers can see your product. This can be difficult when it comes to shoes. The style and material of the shoe can profoundly impact how they can be displayed; you don’t want them to become damaged. Additionally, the displays can quickly become messy and cluttered if not adequately maintained. At Joslin Displays, we offer various kinds of shoe displays to best fit your needs.


Shoe Shelf

The most popular way to display your shoe inventory is on shoe shelves. These are horizontal - similar to a bookshelf - and allow you to show various styles and sizes without appearing too cluttered. They are common in malls and smaller retail stores because they don’t take up valuable square footage on your floors. They are installed directly into the walls.


Shoe shelves are also a successful shoe display because they allow you to display your product at eye level, which increases overall visibility. They also help minimize clutter because they are off the ground. It’s best only to display one size of the style on the shelf, and possibly store other sizes in boxes on lower shelves, so each shoe stands out.


Shoe Risers

Shoe risers are similar to shelves because they allow you to display your product horizontally, and at eye level with customers. They differ because they’re slanted, instead of flat. This will enable consumers to see the product a little better, especially if the shelves are higher off the ground. Also like shoe shelves, they lift the product off the ground, which makes it appear less cluttered.


Shoe Ribbons

Lastly, we offer shoe ribbons at Joslin Displays. These are best when used in conjunction with either shelves or risers. Shoe ribbons are used to prop up taller shoes, such as boots or strappy heels. This allows your customer to visualize what the shoe would look like on them.


Overall, shoe displays are essential to your retail space because shoes can take up valuable space, and seem cluttered and unorganized if not displayed correctly. Visit us at Joslin Displays to find the display system that’s right for you!