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Tips to Make Shoe Displays Last

Posted by on 1/19/2017 to General

Though there are plenty of shifts and changes in the world of retail as trends come and go, you want to be sure that the displays that host it all hold up as well. It is important to make sure that each display has the ability to withstand plenty of traffic and other effects. 

This is especially true for shoe displays, since they are so often burdened with heavier product. Below, observe how you can make these types of displays last well enough and stand the test of time! 

1.) Invest in a Strong Foundation 

First things first, you need to be sure that the base is up to par. Having a strong foundation is a surefire way to keep it lasting and will ensure that there is some staying power. 

Buying quality parts to start and assembling a strong display will give you a great space to work on and display your best shoes. 

2.) Clean the Surface 

It can be a bit of a redundant and tedious chore, but cleaning your display is a necessary evil. Being on top of your display and making the surface look its best will make it last. 

When cleaning is neglected, you can be sure that some damage may come to fruition from lack of care. Avoiding any of the environmental damagers that can come from lack of cleanliness is key to longevity. 

3.) Balance the Product 

You do not want to have a display that bears a lot of weight. Once you overload your display, it can become heavily burdened and possibly break. If it does not outright break, you may find some warped structural issues or something of the like.

Make sure your items are equally distributed so the weight does not become too much for the structure. 

4.) Replace Structural Pieces 

Do you maybe find yourself with a looser, more shaky display? Perhaps it is time to invest in some new structural pieces that can make your display even stronger. Be sure to assess the damage, and find out what needs to be done.

Once you add a replacement piece, your display will be back to a more functional and strong state. It is a relatively easy way to keep things in shape, and not that expensive. 

5.) Give It Space 

If you place your display in a very heavy traffic area, it is bound to encounter plenty of force. This can result in bumps, damages, falling products, and more. Make it look its best, and then place it somewhere that is prominent but slightly secluded. It has to be open to the public, but does not need to be in the middle of the store! 

Making sure your shoe displays are up to par will help immensely. You will be able to sell your shoes for a longer period and display them in the best way possible. Being up-to-date with the state of your display will ensure a long shelf life, and keep things looking great. 

For all of your display needs, you can count on Joslin Displays. Give us a call at (800)-325-1030!