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Tips for a Great Mannequin Window Display

Posted by on 5/13/2016

Making the best out of your mannequin display whether it is female or a male mannequin display can be complicated. Aside from building the mannequin and ensuring that they are set up where customers can’t knock them down, you need to be sure that the mannequins are utilizes to highlight the best items they can. In a window display it is especially important that your mannequins are on point with what represents your store that week (or month depending on how often floor sets happen and things change). It is easy to forget that the mannequins are there to sell your clothing rather than to be just a display. They are working hard to bring individuals into the store, so it is important for you to remember these 6 tips for bringing traffic into your store.

Add a wig to make them look more realistic. In a window display you don’t want to have headless displays too often. Many times a window display needs to pull out all of the snaps so remember to invest in lifelike mannequins. This includes getting wigs and taking the time to style the wig in a way that works with the clothing that you are trying to display in the window.

Make sure the clothes fit right, this could take some time. When you put clothing on a mannequin it will not magically fit to the mannequin. It may take some manipulation for the clothing to fit correctly onto the mannequin. This is key to having a great window display. If the clothing is falling or too lose it will not look right on the mannequin, so it is important to find clothing that fits best then manipulate it to sit right on the body of the mannequin.

Try to use bright colors. In a window display you want to bring people in and make them stop. Especially with spring coming, use bright colors and it will capture people’s eyes. Rather than using earth tones spice it up with some of the brighter colors of the designs you are trying to highlight. People stop for bright colors.

Accessorize. Don’t be afraid to have fun and add some extra little pizazz to your mannequin display. Add some jewelry, sunglasses and bags to your display. This will allow you to create a scene in the window with the mannequins rather than just showing off the clothing. It will allow for the individuals to consider the possibilities of where they can wear the outfit.

Use the products that are newest. Rather than show the clothes that came out last season, update when you have new products in that you need to showcase. Maybe with summer coming up it will be sun dress and bathing suits, but take away those sweaters and winter jackets. Keep it relevant to the sales and the newest clothing that is brought into the store.

Mix mannequins. Use a female and a male mannequin if you sell both clothing styles. Remember that you want to bring all customers into your store, not just one section of the clientele. So add some female and male mannequins to the display and you will capture more sales by highlighting both sales.

While many of these window display tips seem to be redundant it is important to remember that you are selling to the customers. Whether a style is your favorite or not, sell for the clients. By following these few tips you will have an amazing window display that is sure to bring in the customers.

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