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Three Ways To Change Retail Displays Without Spending Too Much

Posted by on 10/11/2017 to General

Any business worth its salt knows how to keep up with their retail displays and keep them looking good. Sometimes, that calls for replacing parts or a drastic overhaul. Changing up your store’s appearance can have a substantial impact on sales, but gets expensive fast. Still, there are ways you can spruce up space without ordering a complete reconstruction project. 

1.) New Paint 

Sometimes a new paint color or accent can present an entirely different tone and feeling. If you’ve stuck with the same color scheme on your shelving or other display pieces for some time, try a new one that is neutral on for size. It’ll look fresh and be just enough change to be different without a complete decorative overhaul. 

2.) Replace Old or Nonworking Parts  

One of the biggest mistakes people make shopping, period, is that they buy a brand new unit when only a small part of it needs fixing or replacement. Visit Joslin Displays and find the parts you need instead of spending excessive money on brand new shelving units or other expensive parts of your retail displays. 

3.) New Layout Patterns

Instead of sticking with the same formats you’ve used before, why not try arranging your items in a new and clever way? It’s probably the easiest way to change up your display. A new shape allows your display to look different while using something that’s already there - a no-cost investment of time that pays off. 

With these few tips, your retail displays can look brand new and appeal to new customers, and you won’t have to spend too much of your income. For all of the retail accessories you need, visit Joslin Displays. Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030 and see what we can do for you today!