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This Is What To Do To Make Showcases Even Better

Posted by on 8/16/2017 to General

If you own business, you’ve probably thought long and hard about how you can make customers flock to your door. An excellent display is surely the answer, and there is always something to improve upon if you stay creative with it. It’s relatively easy to make your showcases even better and draw people inside. Observe these tips, and always bear Joslin Displays in mind when you need top-notch presentation materials at an affordable price. 


  • Experiment With Color 

Now, we wouldn’t recommend hot pink, but there’s an art to painting shelving and other displays in a way that entices. It’s easy: just pick a vibrant neutral color. Something like a blue or gray offers a fresh, recognizable color without overtaking the senses. People are sure to notice a showcase if it has character, and color plays a part. 

  • Arrange Various Sizes 

If people see one uniform look throughout a store, they’ll get bored, fast. Instead of sticking with one size for all of your showcases, try shaking it up and adding a couple of different sizes for good measure. You’ll be surprised how much various sizes can impact the eyes, and it will certainly give you more layout options. 

  • Maintain Them 

While getting cases installed and putting things in them is exciting, it’s just as important to ensure you have the maintenance part in mind, too. Maintaining your displays will ensure they look great, keep function, and send a message to your customers. Customers will be happy to shop at a clean, maintained space. Even if it’s a small portion of your shop, a fresh case matters. 


Take these tips into consideration, and your showcases will draw the attention of the passerby. For all of your display needs, give Joslin Displays a call at 1-(800)-325-1030. We’re happy to help you!