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The Benefits of Using a Male Mannequin

Posted by Kevin on 4/15/2014 to Articles

For over a century now, Joslin Displays has been helping retail shop owners by providing them with high quality retail store fixtures at unbeatable prices. We’ve seen a great deal of change over the last hundred years but the fact remains that using a female or male mannequin to display merchandise is the best way to attract and maintain a consistent customer base. Throughout the countless fashion trends we’ve seen come and go; a male mannequin has remained one of the best investments that any retail store owner can make.

As you know, the retail business is one that relies heavily on visualization. By nature, humans take in most of their information visually so using retail store fixtures to design attractive store displays is the best way to sell your merchandise. People are simply more prone to shop for clothes when they are displayed in a neat, attractive, interesting, familiar, and logical way than they are if merchandise were simply strewn about a showroom floor. The fact that a female or male mannequin is the best way to display merchandise is one that many retailers can take advantage of.

Keep Them Shopping

A male mannequin is especially useful because, we can admit it, men shop differently than women. In fact, it has been proven that men have less effective peripheral vision than women so rely more on visual stimuli when shopping. Also, many men are less likely to know exactly what is fashionable than women are. Using a male mannequin helps to let a man know what kind of clothes are currently trending. Adorned in the latest fashion and accessories, a male mannequin effectively lets men know what the styles of the day are. This facilitates the shopping process for men because they are able to better visualize what kind of merchandise they’re looking to buy.

Using a male mannequin in an attractive store display is also the best way to catch the attention of a male shopper. Having less effective peripheral vision than women, a majority of men may shop less simply because they aren’t seeing men’s merchandise prominently displayed. This can lead to a, “shopping with blinders on,” effect where a shopper simply passes by store displays in order to buy one specific item. Strategically using a male mannequin in your showroom will more than likely grab the attention of a passing man and ultimately encourage him to shop longer and return to the same place to shop.

If you’re interested in a female or male mannequin, contact us at: 1-800-325-1030