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Summer Accessories Perfect for a Female Mannequin

Posted by on 6/12/2017 to General

It’s getting warmer and the sun is shining. Time for summer fun! Shoppers are eager to get their summer must-haves, and displays have an impact on that front. Especially if you own a display with a female mannequin, keeping up with the season is a must. If you’re stuck and don’t have an idea of what to put on to give your mannequins a burst of expression, consider the following. 

1.) Sunglasses 

You’ve got to protect your eyes, and sunglasses are perfect for any location. Whether you soak up the sun on a beach or wear them while you drive, these are invaluable. They will certainly add character to a mannequin’s face, too! 

2.) Sun Hat 

Sunglasses aren’t the only way you can beat the heat. Throw on a classy, low-maintenance hat that covers your scalp and protects you from the rays. Hats are one of the most expressive and fun items to decorate a female mannequin with, so you will have no shortage of options. 

3.) Jewelry 

Just because you’re wearing less doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize. Jazz up a mannequin with new necklaces, rings, or something else that compliments an outfit and brings a whole new vibe to it. Jewelry is low-commitment, and can be advertised just as easily. If you’re looking to sell some jewelry, a mannequin is one of the best ways to display it. 

Of course, these are just a few of the many exciting accessories summer has to offer. Take a look around and find the best accessories for the season that will add some flavor and excitement to your female mannequin displays. You won’t regret it. For all of your display needs, don't hesitate to contact Joslin Displays. We’re happy to help! Give us a call at 1-(800)-325-1030.