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Subtle Ways To Grab Attention With Displays

Posted by on 5/9/2017 to General

In today’s broad, instant gratification culture, getting the attention of customers has never been more important. Some people resort to flashy, over-the-top items and gimmicks to draw a crowd in. However, we at Joslin Displays think there is something to be said for quality subtle arrangements that manages to get attention. From your shoe displays to your mannequins, these tips will gather the attention without the theatrics. 

  • Color Choice 

It’s not just our opinion, either. Color has been scientifically proven to evoke feelings and associations as well as trigger memory responses. Try your hand at adding a pop of color or two to your display. It will look brighter and stand out amongst the more subtle tones. 

  • Arrangement 

When someone walks by several storefronts, they will see familiar shapes over and over again. While some are effective, the eyes grow weary of seeing continuous shapes and may not recognize more of the same. A subtly unique arrangement of your items - say, using risers on your shoe displays - will do enough to make it look different. 

  • Advertise Sales 

Who doesn't love a quality sale? Especially if your items are hot and people have been enjoying them, advertising a sale widely will bring plenty of customers into the door. Make sure the ads are at the forefront of your display so people see that a sale is going on and walk in to learn more. 

  • Outfits 

When people see a cute outfit arranged just right, they’ll want to learn more information and take a peek. A full fledged outfit will look more exciting than a lone shirt or pants hanging on a rack, and will probably be more visually stimulating. 

When someone walks by your business, they will give you a second glance if you make the display interesting enough! For all of your display needs from shoe displays supplies to racks, give Joslin Displays a call at 1-(800)-325-1030!