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Strong Displays for a Bargain

Posted by Administrator on 11/21/2014

Gridwall from Joslin DisplaysStore owners today know the importance of a strong display. This means two things: The items on the display must be organized in a neat, but effective way to strategically show off the items you want to sell, while not seeming too pushy. And the actual display itself must be strong enough to hold all of the items being sold. At Joslin Displays, we understand the need for these strong displays, so we carry a collection of gridwall and all of the accompanying accessories.

Gridwall is so versatile that it can be used however you desire. It can be hung on walls or arranged to be a rack in the middle of your store. Hanging accessories can be added wherever you need them so you can display any sized item. Our accessories range from hooks, baskets and shelves to lights, mirrors and sign holders. The metal is also very strong and dependable so you can trust it with all kinds of products.

The best part about ordering your display from Joslin Displays is that we sell all of our accessories separately, so you can order exactly the style and amount that you need to personalize your arrangement. Even the individual gridwall panels are sold separately so you don’t have to worry about not ordering enough or having too much left over. You can order exactly what you need at prices that you can afford. The accessories are very wallet-friendly so creating the perfect display is easy.

With benefits like this, why wouldn’t you order your display from Joslin Displays? Call us at 1-800-325-1030 to place your order or visit us online to view our entire stock of bases, connectors and accessories.