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Stay Relevant With Your Retail Displays

Posted by on 9/18/2018

Here at Joslin Displays, we more than understand the importance of staying relevant in the retail space. It’s too easy to be thrown to the wayside for a trendier option. One way to make sure you’re always on top of things is to keep your displays relevant and in season. Especially in New England, it’s easy to tell when things are outdated. Visit Joslin Displays to get all the shelving, hooks, and mannequins you need for your retail displays.


On Trend

Retail displays are not just your shop window. People often assume these window displays are the best way to attract customers, and they aren’t wrong. But you also need to keep their attention with displays throughout your store. For example, make sure the featured items on the mannequins are merchandise you have to sell. Using mannequins is a great way to advertise what you have to offer, and also which market you’re catering to. Although you don’t always have to be “trendy” in the sense that you follow mainstream trends, you should keep up with what your target market wants.



You have to show customers you care - about them, about your store, and about your products. Maintaining a retail display with recent additions to your stock that is also relevant to the season or time of year shows that you’re willing to put in the work and you care about customers. For example, no one will go into a shop in New England that features bikinis in February. It implies you don’t have related merchandise to sell, but also that you can’t be bothered to update your advertisement if you do have other offerings.


As the busiest season in retail is just around the corner, it’s best to get ahead of any trends and relevant news. Designing a retail display that hits the target for your ideal audience is the best way to gain traffic. Whether it’s a winter holiday or new fall line, it’s important to give your market what they want, and let them know you have it. For more information about display tools and how to design your display, give us a call at 800-325-1030.