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Slatwall Versatility - Hooks

Posted by on 6/22/2018 to Articles

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, slatwall provides a neat, professional way to display merchandise in thousands of different ways. Part of the versatility of slatwall is the ability to customize its fixtures. It’s a blank canvas that’s yours to configure. Here at Joslin Displays, we have many different accessories - including twelve different kinds of slatwall hooks - to help you figure out the best way to show off your products.


The most common hook we have is the snap hook. This is a small fixture that snaps onto the slats in the wall and has a protruding metal rod perpendicular to it. This rod is perfect for displays hangers with different sized clothing, purses, or other merchandise that can be hung in a collection. Snap hooks allow you to display many of the same product without appearing crowded. J-hooks can also be used similarly.


Another popular type of slatwall hook is the S-hook. These types of hooks are perfect for displaying taller objects, like rakes or hockey sticks. They employ the same “snap” piece as snap hooks, but feature an ‘S’ shaped piece that protrudes, instead of a rod. These hooks will keep your taller merchandise upright while it’s on display.


At Joslin Displays, we also offer two sizes of loop hooks - 4” and 8”. These are great for holding hoses or electrical cords. They can also be used to hold heavier objects, like small step ladders. For especially heavy items, we offer “Big Hang-It” hooks, so large objects don’t take up valuable floor space. We also offer specialty hooks for things like bikes, skis, and tote bins.


When it comes to PVC slatwall, we understand that sometimes the options can be overwhelming. Our display professionals can help you build a store display that shows all of your valuable merchandise, without looking crowded or unorganized. Visit us at our store in Wilmington, MA for valuable insight into a thriving retail display!