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Slatwall Panels and Gridwall Panels: Essential Retail Store Fixtures

Posted by Kevin on 2/7/2014 to Articles

As any retail store owner will tell you, effective store fixtures are an essential part of their business. Retail store fixtures allow you to more attractively display your merchandise while, at the same time, work to optimize the space of your showroom floor. Two of the most essential retail store fixtures are the gridwall and the slatwall. Each are easily used to display your merchandise in ways that will keep shoppers shopping and buyers buying.

Gridwall Displays

A gridwall is a retail store fixture from which any store display designer can hang merchandise, lights, signs, or anything else that will help to keep customers in your showroom.

Shown here are four gridwall panels that have been customized with a four-wheeled base to produce a mobile and effective structure from which to display merchandise on. Combined with a number of accessories like hooks, rails, baskets, shelves, etc., gridwall panels easily lend themselves to customization. And, at Joslin Displays, we have all the gridwall accessories that you’ll need to customize your own structures in order to more effectively display your merchandise to your customers. And, because gridwalls can be purchased as single panels, you can easily buy the exact amount you need along with the exact accessories you’ll need to be as creative as you’d like. Also, because of their mobility and durability, you can easily maneuver them to fit into any part of your showroom.

Slatwall Displays

Slatwall displays are another essential retail store fixture that effectively display merchandise in similar ways to gridwall panels except they are not made of metal. Instead, slatwall displays are made from medium-density fiberboard that are usually covered with some form of laminate or other finishes like paper pressed melamine.

Shown here is a slatwall display that also uses accessories like hooks, hat displays, signholders, shelves, baskets, lights, etc., to attractively display merchandise in a way that is welcoming to shoppers and conveniently customizable for shop owners. Because they are covered in a laminate or a similar staining product, they can be stained in a variety of different colors. Depending on the merchandise you’d like to display using slatwalls, you can easily change the color of them to match the products you’re selling. They can be wood colored to express a more rustic, folksy look, or colored darker to express a more modern feel.

However you’d like to display your merchandise, Joslin Displays has everything you need to effectively design store displays that will keep your shoppers’ attention.

If you’re interested in retail store fixtures, contact us toll free at: 800-325-1030