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Shoe Displays for 2019

Posted by on 5/31/2019 to Articles

With the warmer weather finally here in New England, the spring and summer shoe trends are beginning.  With plenty of inspiration from the runways, one can sit on the park bench and admire the shoe displays trending around town.  Not only can you catch up on trends by observation, but also by visiting any retail store.  Although shoe display takes on its own meaning in the retail setting, trends will still engulf the consumer.



With the warm air comes sandals.  From flip flops to open-toed wedges, sandals come in a variety of styles and colors.  However, one of the biggest trends in sandals for 2019 is based around long ties or wraps.  Similar to shoelaces, sandal ties are meant to be wrapped multiple times around the ankle and lower leg, and even sometimes the foot.



Meant for any season, the sneaker has taken on a unique look with the fashion world.  Referred to as the ugly sneaker, variations of chunky shoes define this new style.  With the exception of their thick soles varying in both height and width, the ugly sneaker resembles the everyday running shoe.



Although we’d all like to be in our flip flops most days, most professional atmospheres will not allow this to happen.  Thus, we have the pump.  A classic look for the ladies pumps come in a variety of heel widths and heights.  The most important part of the spring and summer pump is to change up your color palette.  Leaving the dark colors for the fall and winter months, pastels and muted solid tones are taking to the streets.  With the addition of the earlier mentioned wrap, pumps this season are versatile.  From the workplace to casual gatherings with friends, these pumps are perfect in any setting.


Now that you’re up to date on this seasons footwear trends, you need a place to store them.  At Joslin Displays, we sell several shoe displays for retail owners.  Shoe displays are the best way to attractively display your footwear.  Thus, you’re more likely to peak interest from consumers.  For more information on the variety of displays we offer, visit Joslin Displays online.  Established in 1893, our team of experts can assist your retail business by providing reliable products at competitive prices.