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Shoe Displays by Joslin

Posted by on 5/4/2016

You know what sells everything else in your store. The one thing that you can’t seem to get those sales on is your shoe selection. It is important to remember that just like with clothing, certain things need to be displayed properly in order to catch a customer’s eye. Shoe displays are the best way to display any shoe to capture a customer’s attention and hopefully keep it.

When you display shoes properly, it can show the individual the way the show is supposed to look. Many times with lady’s shoes todays especially they are strappy and require a little additional prepping when it comes to making sure that your customer knows what they are buying. When we talk shoe displays we are not just talking sitting them on a rack either. There are plenty of ways to get creative with your shoe display allowing the individual to full grasp a collection of shoes in a similar style or by a similar designer.

For example, if you have shoes that are ribbon designed, especially with the summer months coming, you may need an Espadrille Form Acrylic insert for the shoe. By utilizing this piece of material you are able to mimic how the product will look when properly laced up. This will serve two purposes in getting those shoes out the door and into the closets of your clientele. First, it shoes the shoe off for what it is. It allows the customer to make an initial decision on if it is a shoe that she would want to bother trying on. The second way this will help any shoe display is that it will allow for the customer to figure out the proper way to lace the shoe. This will allow them to try it on, and properly see how the shoe will fit on her foot rather than her walking away because she isn’t sure. This solves two problems that you could be having with your shoe displays.

Another way to draw attention, especially if you want to try to raise sales of a certain shoe would be with plexi risers. These risers will allow for the customer to see a shoe first before some of the other shoes. Many consumers focus on what is at eye level with them, just because for most individuals we walk with a straight forward gaze. The multi-leveled displays will allow for your customer’s gaze to be caught by a piece rather than just walking by it.  It adds dimension as well as attractiveness to the shoe itself.

So with only two of the multiple pieces that we have to help your shoe display that Joslin Displays have you could change your marketing game. While we know the importance of mannequins to sell clothing, shouldn’t the same care be taken with shoes as well? Anything worn on the body really could be displayed in a way that will capture the customers eye. That is why at Joslin Displays we work with you to find the perfect marketing helper to show off your product.

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