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Shoe Displays That Attract All Consumers

Posted by Joslin's Displays on 3/1/2021 to Articles
Shoe Displays That Attract All Consumers

In the retail store industry, high-quality store fixtures, like shoe displays and mirrors, are incredibly important to the success or failure of a business. While selling clothing, shoes, and accessories may seem like the ideal job for someone passionate about fashion, being business savvy is also a must. After all, like most industries, the retail business comes down to numbers; sales numbers.

One of the major duties of an effective retail store owner is to provide his or her customers with a welcoming environment to peruse easily accessible merchandise comfortably. It is also essential to diversify your merchandise to attract customers of varying demographics. Aside from clothing, footwear is one of the highest sought-after products for any consumer. This statistic means that attractively using shoe displays for both window and in-store displays is key to achieving those monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales goals.


Designing the ultimate display for all.

Using shoe displays to create an inviting window display is a must for every retail store owner. First, your window should be absolutely spotless. Clutter and dust are two of the biggest deterrents. Be sure to design your display in a neat and tidy manner. If not, the potential passer-by that could have been a customer will probably continue to the next store. Remember, nothing turns customers away more than messy store displays.

Also, take this opportunity to show potential customers the various footwear available. With careful design, using multiple displays can attract far more business than using a single one. Attracting fashion savvy teens, comfort-oriented professionals who are on their feet all day, and adults requiring glamourous night wear all at once is possible with thought, creativity, and a little expertise. Of course, this example is a bit extreme. Start planning by considering the types of products you carry and the demographics you hope to attract.


Displays matter – both inside and out.

While many associate the word ‘display’ with window displays, the displays inside your store also hold great significance. Your window display gets the customer in the door, but now you need to keep them intrigued enough to make the purchase. Be sure to have several well-designed displays inside as well. Enhance the customer’s experience with comfortable seating, prompt friendly service, and mirrors for them to view their new shoes.

Maintaining the success of your retail store can sometimes be hard, but working with Joslin Displays can make it much easier. From the ultimate selection of shoe displays to mannequins, we have the inventory your boutique requires. Contact our team today to find out more at 800-325-1030.


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