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Shoe Displays: Not Just for Retail Stores

Posted by on 9/13/2019 to Articles

When people think of shoe displays like the ones we have for sale at Joslin Displays, they typically think of retail stores displaying their shoes for sale. But you can utilize retail shoe display items in your home as well. An incredible shoe collection shouldn’t be hidden away in a cabinet or shoved haphazardly on the floor of your closet. No, you should proudly and openly display your shoes in a decorative manner that adds to the appeal of your home.

Displaying your shoes in the open is a great way to showcase your collection. However, there are many additional benefits. It makes it easier to get ready in the morning because you will never need to spend time looking for a lost shoe. You will be able to quickly review your collection and grab the perfect pair to complement your outfit effortlessly. Finally, openly displaying your shoes increases their life span. An open display allows your shoes to air out and also reduces the chance of scuffs or other damage that can occur when they are stored improperly.

Here are some tips for displaying your shoes in your home!

  1. Arrange your shoes by type and color to give the display a visual appeal. The prettier it is, the better you will feel about openly displaying your shoes as opposed to hiding them in a closet.

  2. Lift them off the floor. When you go to a shoe store, they have the shoes displayed at or close to eye level. They do this because it is more visually appealing. Mimic this in your shoe display at home, and you will feel good about your collection every time you walk past it.

  3. Treat your fancier shoes like pieces of art. Just because you don’t wear them all the time doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate them all the time. Displaying them as art when they are not in use will make you feel good every time you walk past them.

  4. Make sure to use boot shapers for your tall boots and espadrille forms for your espadrilles to keep them upright and attractive looking. It also saves on space.

Using retail level shoe displays in your home can be a great way to add a unique element to your home’s interior design. If you want to showcase your collection like a pro, head over to Joslin Displays to get all the gear you need! Don’t let those beautiful shoes hide behind closed doors!