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Self-Image and Female Mannequins

Posted by on 4/19/2019 to Articles

Beyond retail stores specifically tailored towards plus sizes, it is not often that one comes across plus sized female mannequins.  Because we live in a society that is starting to push the acceptance of all, the mannequin industry has been forced to adapt to this thinking as well.  Shops such as Joslin’s Displays are now offering both female and male mannequins in plus sizes as well as a full variety of other styles.  Encouraging a healthy self-image is more important than ever as society is realizing the adverse effects it has created on many young individuals.


For many years media and technology have shaped culture.  Studies have shown that children and teenagers who watch TV are more likely to form unhealthy eating habits.  Whether these habits come from the advertisements of processed food, or the desire to look like the runway model, both have negative results. 


Processed foods full of high sugar content and preservatives are plastered across television screens.  From candy to quick microwavable after-school snacks, the media shows these treats as an acceptable form of nutrients. Of course, the actors are all of perfect health.  Unrealistic advertisement produces effects within children that they do not expect.  Thus, diseases such as diabetes and bulimia started taking their toll on younger generations.


Similarly, fashion designers have a huge role to play when it comes to self-image.  Runway models reaching six feet tall weighing 115 pounds have grabbed the attention of young adults across the country.  Looking up to their favorite celebrity, children have distorted self-images when they go to the store and try on that trendy pair of jeans.    


Because of the increase of disease among our youngest generation, people that have the potential to profoundly influence, are beginning to change their stance.  Although many still resort to the paper thin model, companies such as Dove and Old Navy, have started campaigns with plus-sized models.  Allowing people to see that their curvy shape is more common than not, and beautiful is changing the mindset of society. 

Display companies like Joslin’s Displays are listening to these demands for change.  Providing a variety of female mannequins in different shapes and sizes, Joslin’s has all of your retail display needs covered. From the male mannequin to plus size, from kids to adults, all of your needs will be met. Visit Joslin’s online to view their full offering.  Founded in 1893, Joslin’s has been Boston’s go-to store for displays for decades.