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Seasonal Store Showcases: Summer

Posted by on 7/13/2018

To be successful in retail, you need to be on top of ever-changing trends and fast fashions. This includes making sure all your displays and offerings are on point and up to date. With Joslin Displays, you’ll have every accessory at your disposal to create the store showcase of your dreams. Do you have any idea what you should do for your upcoming summer display? Read on to learn some tips and tricks.


Keep In Line With Your Brand

The most important part of a successful store showcase is making sure everything you do reinforces the vibe and message you are trying to send as a company. For example, if you are an activewear brand, your displays will likely show mannequins performing athletic activities, not lounging around. Additionally, if your company is branded as sustainable, these efforts should extend to your displays as well. No matter the changing season or trend, it’s essential to keep your brand message consistent throughout.


Be On Trend

We’ve said it before, but being trendy is important in the retail world. If you’re behind on the latest fashions, you may seem outdated. The most straightforward example is displaying holiday decorations after the holiday is past. You wouldn’t do that, right? Try to keep the same mindset when it comes to trends on your displays. You can combat this by regularly updating your store showcases.


Be Original

The whole point of a display is to be eye-catching. You want to create something that is interesting to your customer or catches the attention of passerby to get them into your store. Choose unique ideas and display pieces to create something original.


Store showcases are your first chance to catch the attention of your customers. Use this, in combination with various display accessories from Joslin Displays, to create something truly unique. For more information, please call us at 800-325-1030.